so I’ve been integrating Facebook, OKCupid, Twitter etc. etc. 

It’s a work in progress. If you like what you see and would like to co-create..right now the best way is to contact me through Facebook

Onestopworkshop ——-> Wealth Information Network 

This website serves as a portal to connect conscious shoppers with products that bring vitality to this planet. There’s enough Wealth to go around, it’s a matter of taping into this abundance. We can’t do it alone, and really we are never along anywayysss. so 


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We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness.  

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A mind opening interview with Gregg Braden, author of the bestselling book The Divine Matrix which seems to give a scientific explanation to the Law of attraction as thaught by Rhonda Byrne in the movie The Secret.

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your thoughts manifest reality
let’s raise our vibration
hang out with interdimensional beings..

if you aren’t cool with that
I ain’t cool with you
I’m the king
and you’re about to go back to school
I can freestyle like pac biggie and eminem
because I am them
and I’ve been here before
be back again
anything that gets you further from god is a sin
good to have you back in heaven
where ya been?
funny how much we’ve forgotten
let’s reconnect and reminse
here in heaven
listen to the signs 7777
your spirits are talking to you
my thoughts seed into your head like glue
de-calcify your pineal gland and wake up to what’s true.
talent for days, potential is infinite
never going to settle fore less and I refuse to forget
I am jesus, a prophet muhammed
challenge me to a debate and you’ll gain honor
standing in my presence
is a present

Bellissimo J Illuminati! !! 

haha word.

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Take a breath and reflect, think about what, why and how do you believe the things that you do.
Do you worry that if you disagree with a friend you’ll lose the friend? Do you feel free to express whatever you feel? What are the major influences in your life? Do you realize how much it impacts you?

We can all feel it, something in this world just isn’t right. We know we can’t trust the people who run this world, but even bringing up the topic of politics immediately brings up a wall in our minds. We’ve been trained, desensitized and conditioned without our consent or knowledge.

The most difficult obstacle that we have to overcome is sorting through what is real and what is illusion. It begins with simplifying things down, it also helps to observe what can’t be corrupted. It’s no wonder to me anymore why there’s depression and anxiety, nothing makes sense anymore! To me, it’s obvious that life has been over complicated on purpose. The sad reality is that we have owners and we are treated like cattle, and those who refuse to act like sheep are dealt violence, whether it is physical or mental violence, both serve the purpose of conditioning a response. Understanding how the brain works is essential.

We are so afraid of going against the status quo that we conform, regardless of our intuition. Not listening to your intuition will lead you down the road to your false self. When you feed into your false self, or ego, and ignore your intuition, or soul, there are serious repercussions. You are not listening to yourself aka God, and do it long enough, and you’ll be in hell. Depression, sickness and anxiety are just a few example of the symptoms. Ignore the symptoms long enough and your body will revolt, it will do what is has to do to survive. This is much like how our country is about to go into a revolution, to survive. Our current system is completely wasteful and not sustainable. In this age of technology, it is inexcusable to have this level of human suffering going on. These, again, are symptoms. The signs are everywhere. You need to learn how to pick up on the, which is much easier said than done. Realize everything is connected, as everything is fractal.

There are so many ideologies on this planet that have been created to divide and ultimately control us. It is seemingly impossible to agree with each other.

Everyone seeks happiness, safety and freedom. either consciously or unconsciously we are pulled to satisfy those needs in different ways. The only way to achieve the happiness we strive for is through love, divine unconditional love. This is what connects every living organism on this planet, and on this universe.. from the trees to the birds.. Love is God. God is within you. God is everything, everywhere. There is a direct, polar opposite of love, which would be Satan, false ego or whatever you want to name it. It is important to note that neither are necessarily good or bad, rather ways of explaining yin + yang, which in the end result is evolution and progress. Of course there are many ways of looking at what we call the universe. It is a fractal universe. When you look at life from the largest point of view currently comprehensible, you will realize that we are cells going though evolutionary process, like Joe Rogan one poetically stated, “we are mold on bread”

Simply meaning we think we’re individual cells doing separate tasks, but in reality we are one ell working for a much larger ell that is beyond our comprehension. Sort of like how an ant would perceive its surroundings. The fractal universe works on an infinity large scale, and an infinite small scale.. For example atoms, neurons, cell, human body, planets, solar systems, galaxies etc. We got away from the original point, but it is essential to understand that God is perfect, and everything happens for a specific reasons. Understanding the fractal universe makes this much easier to understand, for it makes absolutely no sense to harm or even distance yourself from another life form, whether that is a plant, country or race. we are one. It is crucial to understand that everything happens for a reason because faith is a component of love and understanding. You will also drive yourself insane if you don’t have faith that everything is going to be ok, which it ill be ^_^. Remember that mostly everything we know today, through education, has been taught through stories or metaphors that have been twisted or directly hanged to distort the truth. This is where Satan comes in to play. It is the master of illusion, the only way to see through the illusion is to connect with God, walking with the divine is the best feeling in the world, and I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing this just to sound cool, I want you to experience this, and I want to feel like that forever, like we all should. but it is impossible today because of all the low-level frequenies that are all around us, created by our social structure.


The ego is a vampire that feeds on fear, it is resonsible for the douchebages you see on a daily basis.. insecurities lead to people disliking themself, repressing that feeling, and thn they project it onto other people, making it seem like the other people have the problem. We will get to projections soon..

The secret is that you are Jesus Christ, the story is and will forever be inside of you. Christ means “the anointed one”, the christos which is a place in consciosuness where you become aware of who and what you are, which is infinitely connected to everything. There is nothing to feat, only to love. When you walk with the divine energy, you realize that everything can be taken as a sign, leading you to a path, you can realize what is the truth, and through experience you will learn what is illusion. When you start picking up on the signs, and learn to trust your intuition, it will seem like miracles happen, nearly daily. They aren’t anything that is accidental, we are capable of amazing feats, we can truly accomplish anything we put our minds to.

The most profound experience is when you reach that level of Christ consciousness, you will understand that this universe is our home, and we have been here before, and we will return. This can be achieved through overcoming illusions, In my strongest opinion, we should all want to strive for this type of awareness because on this level, we can literally achieve anything.

When you think of something, and you put emotions towards those thoughts, they will manifest into what we call life. This works fool proof, we are the masters of our world. The reason we don’t know this is because we’ve been tricked by satan, which I’ll remind you isn’t necessary a bad thing in a larger perspective. Media, TV, propaganda, mainstream education et. have taught us to repress our intuition, even calling it weird to do so. The tools of indoctrination are trickery, sifting through the bullshit isn’t easy because we are faced with it every day. IT is now time, leading up to drastic energy shift, to harmonize with the earth’s higher frequency and thus shedding the deceptions. 

Good vs Evil 
Dark vs Light
Red Sox vs Yankees 

polarities, exact opposites that compliment and complete and better each other. 

yin represents female, yang represents male. 

Everything is OK 
Everything has always been OK 
listen to the signs, listen to your intuition 
and everything will make sense.

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It’s time to wake up people

you guys ready for dis shit? 


weird isn’t it? how you deny that true fact

if you get it, you get it 


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Putting together the pieces

August 25th 2010 6:42 PM

What I learned 
Not easy to comprehend
Just have to listen in order to understand
Communication is anyways 
the signs are everywhere  
just listen/watch and you’ll begin to understand
everything has something to tell
miss the point, and you’ll be igorant

we are a super organism and wouldn’t survive without each other
so lets evolve peacefully
you are god, we are they, I am you.  

Quite honestly I was just starting to understand the concept of oneness. Obviously my eyes were opened but this was just a kick start to what happened further down the road. 

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This is no hyperbole: This is the most informative post humanity has seen. Part 1

Strap in, there’s a lot of information.. But it’s worth it I promise!! 

Just a note I use YouTube videos as a source because that’s where ALL noteworthy videos are located. There’s no such thing as a 100% unbiased or even a 100% credible source, everything is formed from a separate perspective. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Doubt everything, but maintain your own curiosity! 

 * If you already understand what I’m about to present, you are a part of the Illuminati, or at least to the standards of my current understanding. If you understand any substantial portion of what I’ve said, I’m anxious to indulge in conversation with you. I am going to form projects to begin moving humanity forward! Facebook me

 * To my professors, this is what I’ve been doing as opposed to attending class. Give me an A…. please? It’s worth a shot, right?  

I suppose I hope that this post changes the way you think about what’s going on in the world today. I have found the motivation to write out my beliefs in one post. I will make this clear: I want to be wrong, I want to know the truth! I see failure as progress, as you all should. I’m not here to preach, I’m here in hopes to open people’s eyes. I am not here to scare you, I am here to empower you. I am not here to be better than you, I am here because I realize that I am you! I love you all unconditionally.

If all of this is new stuff to you, I’m going to warn you…It will probably take an upwards of 4-12 months [if you’re lucky] to learn. If you have any questions, contact me or post on the
Zeitgeist Movement Portland: ME Facebook page. I’ve been working on this for almost my entire life. I believe that I have connected all of the dots. You may be asking yourself why you would want to learn about this? Knowledge is power and power will set you free. To feel completely free is the greatest feeling in the world. I am not perfect by any means, but I am very, very happy. I want to share with the world everything I have learned and if you don’t care, then you can simply not listen to me.. and go back to a boring world full of suffering and confusion.   (cough) sorry :)   

Before you read you should check out:

You must be a critical thinker! 

I will begin at the most difficult part to comprehend; those who are experienced with LSD, psilocybin and especially DMT or are naturally spiritual to begin with, will be able to somewhat follow. 

Terrence McKenna: one of the greatest philosophers of our time!  

I believe we are on the verge of the greatest shift humanity has ever seen. I’m talking about something that only happens every 2,600 years! We’re about to evolve from homo sapiens to something even more evolved! I believe aliens are returning and they’re going to show us some fucking cool shit! 95% of this post is not this weird, I promise. This is what we have to look forward to IF we survive to make it to that point. I believe that when the bible says Jesus returns, and we all know that he will, this is a simple metaphor for this. 

Check out Jordan Maxwell, he may be a little nuts.. But he brings up some interesting shit! And hey, we’re all a little crazy! 

I may have thought this was too weird or too complex seriously just a few weeks ago. Things have been changing very fast in my life though and I feel that something very profound is happening around us. It’s fucking awesome, but also intimidating, as I’m also timid of the unknown.

Basically by Dec 21, 2012, I believe there will be two races left on this planet: Those who are enlightened, and those who are not. Those who harmonize with the Earth’s higher frequencies, AKA open their mind up just a little bit to see what’s going on, they will be graduated onto a new level of understanding.. Possibly leading to the door of new dimensions. I only believe we will move towards a unified planet, unified language, unified beings, etc. Soon we will all realize that we all exist as one organism on this planet.

We are all energy.   
The war is over.. If you want it! 


I will now explain what this means and how it is going to change everything that’s going on in our life.. and when I say everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING.  Warning: I bring up some very abstract thought, so keep an open mind and let the information in, don’t let someone else’s experience drive your life and don’t be scared. I do a lot of research, I know what the fuck I’m talking about, I promise you. So here it goes: 

Think about what’s happening with this new electronic music epidemic. It brings people together. If you lose yourself to a song in the same room as another person, you can’t describe what you’re feeling, but you’re sharing the same exact feeling as those other people, you are feeling unconditional love and it sets you free. During shows and festivals, you share it with up to hundreds of people… That itself is a form of telepathy. All types of music do this, it obviously isn’t limited to just that.. It is just electronic music has been blowing up lately with the new advances in technology.

Anything is plausible. 

So we’re starting to see pockets of tight knit communities. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the coolest, most happy and attractive people you meet, love and breathe music (art of any kind too)?? Why do you think we’re attracted to celebrities? Our community supports and loves each other; if you’re a stranger we see it as an opportunity to make a friend, not an enemy.


Now, I start with an optimistic paragraph, because it gets gruesome fast, but stick with it because there is a way out. I again, am here to empower you. Real life is fucking awesome, stress is not natural. Stress is not real.

Now to something a little more somber:  

The systems we see are failing, and falling FAST..

 Michael Ruppurt explains the collapse we’re about to witness. 

It isn’t like this system works anyways. I’m not quite sure when Democracy and capitalism became synonymous for freedom. WAKE UP! Depression rates are up, our soldiers are coming back with PTSD, people are obese, cancer is everywhere, and war is never ending. 22,000 kids die every single fucking day FROM POVERTY. If you care about 3,000 killed from an airplane crashing into a building.. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THESE KIDS?!?!

I’ll tell you why, you’ve been mindfucked.

You’ve been mindfucked to the conditioned to not react to 22,000… WHY DO YOU THINK ECONOMICS ARE THE WAY THEY FUCKING ARE??? 28 trillion million dollars, fuck that.. Also these poor kids have been dehumanized, out of sight, out of mind.

1 % of the world owns 40% of the wealth, something is wrong. 

Sorry, I get excited a little easy. I will try to leave my emotions and ego out of this, however I’m a victim of conditioning as much as you are.. Did you enjoy the cute kitten? Sorry Bryan.. Lets keep moving -»>

It’s only a matter of time until the US dollar collapses. The wars are getting worse and we’re seeing natural disaster after natural disaster. You don’t think Osama Bin Laden being found is a little fishy????? Anyone with half a brain knows this doesn’t mean SHIT! The government is about to pull off their “master plan,” people!


Pay the fuck attention, this is important.



You’re about to see a classic bad guy and good guy WWE style team up. The republicans and democrats are soon to come out on stage and join hands. They have been on the same team this entire time; they vote the same way anyways. They are puppets of the corporations, who by the way don’t give a fuck about us.  Either way, with the dollar collapsing, WORLD economics collapses. And the dreaded super retaliation of Al Qaeda. We are going to be scared into a union between Canada, US and Mexico. And it won’t be long until we’re scared into a one world government, it’s not the NWO. It isn’t secret who these people are anymore.

Go to you tube and watch Zeitgeist 1,2,3.

The government knows exactly what is going on because they are, like me, apart of the Illuminati. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, it’s something like a minimum level understanding in every field of human life. It’s a whole new level of thinking and I’ve been this way for a few weeks. And let me tell you, it’s fucking awesome! At least this is my current understanding. As you can tell, I know a lot, but at the same time I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing….

Either way our beloved owners of this country.. Who by the way, all meet secretively, follow religion and scriptures very closely and actually worship the devil. The Mayans understood the world and our owners took advantage of this information and tried to systemically get rid of them. They burned most information about them so we don’t know shit about them anymore.

We’ve had prophets predict events thousands of years before it happens. We can accurately predict the weather for months in advance! You don’t think that our owners don’t know about natural disasters??? 

You think the Bilderberg group didn’t know about Katrina? BTW they run our government, and every other government. THEY WANT US TO DIE SO WE ARE MORE CONTROLLABLE


I am stopping here because I’m getting Le tired

Part 2 will be out after I see what kind of response this gets, but remember there are solutions to ALL of these problems!!! I still have to cover a lot of spiritual aspects and I’m sure I didn’t clarify everything perfectly. Give me a break, I’m human and I’m trying to lay out everything I know :) 

I look forward to hearing from you all! 

"Love, what more is there?" 

-    Bellissimo Illuminati 


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